How to Build a Backyard Putting Green

After the success of our custom indoor putting green build, we got tons of request for a custom outdoor build. With the help of Russell Dorsey we were able to put this guide on building a backyard green together. Building an outdoor putting green is a whole lot of work but it can be done … Read more

How to Build a Custom Indoor Putting Green

Building a custom indoor putting green is easier and cheaper than you might think. With cold weather approaching I looked for a efficient way to improve my golf game in the comfort of my own home. I looked into tons of premade golf putting greens available on the market but none fit what I was … Read more

How to Build a Driving Range at Home

If you are anything like me then you don’t have as much time as you would like to dedicate to practicing your golf game. Whether its work, school, family or just other hobbies it’s hard to find time to practice golf. Depending where you live you might have to travel fairley far to find a … Read more